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The 2014 Soccer World Cup Finals are less than a month away, kicking off on June 12th 2014. With World Cup qualifiers well and truly behind us, and the vast majority of lead-up friendlies done and dusted, we can finally settle in for some top quality football. The 32 teams…

World cup final

Football matches account for some of the greatest recorded numbers of television viewers throughout history. Hundreds of millions of people have tuned into domestic fixtures in the past, including games in the British EPL, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga and the Brazilian Serie A.

However, the FIFA World Cup eclipses the number of viewers of any domestic match. With multi-billion audiences across the month long tournament, the FIFA World Cup is by far the single largest sporting event in the world, with the Summer Olympics its only real competitor. Football itself boasts more fans than any other sport, and more people play soccer worldwide than most nations have citizens.

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Football is known as “the World Game” for a reason. It is growing exponentially and is not threatened by any other sport. Basketball, cricket, Rugby Union, NFL, and tennis can not even compare to the sporting power that soccer has developed over the years. In fact, there are many regions in the world where football approaches religious status. It is an integral part of the lives of its subscribers and those with the skill to play good football are revered by their peers.

While the World Cup as we know it is considered the World Cup Finals, most people view it as a tournament unto itself. However, over 200 nations and FIFA affiliates vie for entry into the World Cup final via years of qualification games and series. Only 32 nations can enter the World Cup finals tournament, and those are considered to be at the top of the game.

Due to its massive popularity and billions of fans in every corner of the world, the World Cup is a wildly popular gambling option. Horse racing is perhaps the only sport that eclipses World Cup final betting volumes. The World Cup final draws the largest amount of wagers of any game at the World Cup, and is widely viewed around the world. Money outlaid on World Cup final bets can run into the billions of dollars.

If you’re a keen punter, or simply an avid soccer fan, why not have a crack at World Cup final betting? It can only go three ways – win, draw, or loss. With a bit of research and background knowledge, you could be well on your way to cleaning up big time betting on the World Cup finals.

Spain - 2010 World Cup Final Winners. Source: Sports Illustrated

Spain - 2010 World Cup Final Winners. Source: Sports Illustrated

World Cup Final

The World Cup final itself is a massive event. Two of the greatest national teams known to man have arrived at the final match after facing down opponents from the strongest soccer nations in the world. They have spent a month on this event, and they will leave every drop of sweat they have on the pitch. There are no holds barred, there is no going home with energy left. Every single player on each side in the World Cup final will push themselves beyond any limit they’ve ever encountered to secure that trophy.

The World Cup final presents an opportunity for extremely exciting punting. Backing one of the greatest teams in the world while they attempt to secure an eternal honour can get quite serious – it’s easy to get very invested in the team you’re backing for the World Cup final.

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